Food I will never forget because it was so flavorful!!!!
     Not sure what it is that is attracting me to donuts lately, but once again we ended up trying some during a visit to NYC.  You may have heard of the donut plant - most likely through an appearance on the food network, or more recently, Top Chef Desserts.  The owner who creates natural artisan donuts without eggs and nasty preservatives is quite nice (we had a quick chat with him on our visit).  
The raspberry yeast donut was made with fresh raspberries from the farmers' market that morning he said.  It was AMAZING, but by far the most memorable for me would be the chocolate cookie donut. If my eyes were closed I would have said I was eating a cookie and not a donut.
I cannot neglect the creme brulee donut with its glassy sugared crust.
Yes he was able to lock all those yummy flavors into a small donut.  I want one!!

Its quite odd that the first dish I will give a favorable review to is made of a donut and ice cream, since I'm not big on either.  This was scrumptious and I must hand it to Holey Cream for an awesome idea.  Somehow it popped out and said come, eat me.  A small place jam-packed in the middle of a bunch of restaurants -none of which won a second of my attention.  At first we walked past it just around the corner and then my loving hubby convinced me to go back ;)  First, pick a donut.  Second, ice cream to go in between the split donut.  Third, add a glaze to your donut.  And finally, as if there even needed to be anymore, I was asked to choose 3 toppings!  I chose a plain donut to be glazed with chocolate, pretzel ice cream and caramel sauce as the filling, and peanut butter cup pieces as a final topper.  Mmmmm!!!  I want one now!