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In the past I experienced 
health issues that were not easily resolved. I saw many western and eastern influenced "doctors" to try to get to the root. What became glaringly obvious was that if I was going to have a shot at healing I needed to figure out the right recipe. Each person that I shared an encounter with served up a custom "shot" to digest, if you will. As time passed, I found these many ounces along with my 1/4 cup (we do know our bodies best) got me very close to the anecdote. I've always been in love with food and have even more respect for the ingredients that continue to help my body feel good. I now try to eat organic ingredients, and whenever possible those that are locally grown for all my recipes. To me the best apples will always be the ones right off the tree, the tastiest stir fry will always be the one my dad made with the snow peas from his garden, and to date no raspberries have beaten the ones grown behind our kitchen window that made each bowl of cereal feel like bites of heaven when I was a child. I do not have to tell anyone who likes to eat that the freshest ingredients taste the best.  To me, organically grown food comes closest to maintaining integrity of freshness.